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Christian Castillo

Lufkin PSMW48CL 1212 in. Contractors Measuring Wheel

Lufkin PSMW48CL 1212 in. Contractors Measuring Wheel

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Lufkin PSMW48CL 12-1/2 in. Contractors Measuring Wheel

The Crescent Lufkin PSMW48CL is a professional 12 in. measuring wheel with a bolstered folding joint that allows for the handle folding down for compact storage. Centerline wheel and gear based measuring system provide more accurate measurements. The centerline wheel increases balance and the easy to read counter is mounted above the wheel for easy measurement recording. Lufkin PSMW48CL

  • Centerline wheel for increased balance and more accurate measurements
  • Gear-based measuring system is more accurate and durable than the traditional belt counter
  • Bolstered folding joint allows for compact storage and a longer product life
  • Heavy-duty wheel wiper prevents debris buildup
  • Glare-resistant counter is easy to read
  • Analog counter dial resets at 10,000 ft.
  • Ergonomic dual material pistol grip handle
  • Built in kickstand supports wheel
  • Counter dial ascends to 9999 ft., 11 in. before rolling over to 0

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