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Christian Castillo

Buzzballz Choc Tease (200 ml)

Buzzballz Choc Tease (200 ml)

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Buzzballz Choc Tease Ready to Drink is a delicious, creamy blend of chocolaty cream liqueur and vodka. It has made quite the commotion, and fans all over the nation are begging "please"! Indulge in a creamy, chocolate cocktail crafted with real cream and natural chocolate flavor. Choc Tease is the perfect foundation for a semi-homemade dessert cocktail, like a chocolate martini, or it can be poured over ice and experienced as is.This Choc Tease Cocktail can be savored as an outstanding dessert drink! It is best to pair with your favorite pie or cupcake during this holiday season. And remember, BuzzBallz is always shaken, not stirred! They are premixed and Ready-to-Drink cocktails. These unique and great tasting cocktails are made from 100% juices and premium ingredients.Buzzballz Choc Tease Drink is gluten-free and contains 15% alcohol by volume. It is best to serve chilled or frozen slushy. It has unbreakable plastic floatable containers safe for the beach, camping, pool, tailgating, picnics, floating the river, etc. Enjoy!

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